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Our Traditional Cornish Pasties are made using all locally supplied ingredients and made in the old fashioned way, 'just like mother made them'. Since production started last year we have had numerous comments of reccomendation, mostly on the lines of 'the best in Tintagel' and local businesses sending customers our way. Since making our gluten-free range we have had similar appraisals. Customers have been delighted to be able to buy a tasty gluten-free pastry product and have returned for more! 


Dear Frances,
Thank you for this absolutely amazing Gluten free product! I was quite sceptical but excited when this pasty
 pie arrived as I thought like most other Gluten free products the pastry would be stodgy, heavy and taste diabolical but I have been so pleasantly surprised by the taste , texture and the overall general consistency of this Gluten free product. 
It was well packaged and promptly delivered. The pasty pie was absolutely delicious and it reminded me of my Granny's Cornish Pasty's. What an achievement !    
Your's Sincerely 
Gillian Mably-Jones
A pie that looks good, smells divine whilst cooking and tastes wonderful!
Carolyn Gill

I had my first ever "Little Gluten Free Pasty Pie" today, SUPER! In fifteen years of being diagnosed coeliac, I have never tasted pastry as lovely as this. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU!
Sue Webb 10.11.15

May I take this opportunity to complement you on the fabulous quality of your pies - I enjoyed eating the first consignment  very much - in fact it would not be an exaggeration to say meals became a lot less exciting unless more of your pies were included!
Edward Stratton 15.10.16