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The Gluten Free Pasty-Pie is an award winning Cornish supplier of delicious Wheat and Gluten Free Pasty-Pies. The business evolved through market demand at our original premises in Tintagel, experimenting with the pastry was fun, but as the pastry has no elasticity we found crimping nearly impossible, and so the pasty-pie was born!

Our individual pasty-pies are unique and innovative tasty Gluten Free treat. We use only the finest local ingredients - i.e cornish beef skirt, potatoes,turnip and onions. Customers are delighted to find somewhere where they can buy a different but gluten-free version of the traditional cornish pasty.

We make a variation of flavours in our pies, i.e traditional pasty i.e. beef, onion & potato, cheese,onion and potato, or vegetable and cheese made with seasonal vegetables. All of which are great for packed lunches, picnics or a quick supper to eat with salad or vegetables.

New this year is our award winning Steak & Cornish Blue pasty Pie, we also make sausage rolls, scones, and sponges.

The pies freeze easily and can be microwaved or heated again in a conventional oven.